• Sr. Enginer, Dev (Java Cloud)

    Job Location CN-33-Hangzhou
    Regular Full-Time
  • Job Summary

    Aerohive cloud platform was built from ground up as a scalable distributed system aimed to manage millions of network devices (physical and software defined) and many millions more client devices (phones, laptops and IoT devices, etc) with either public or private cloud deployment models. We’re always on the look out for emerging technologies and adapt to better ways to build, to deploy and to run our cloud. Agile, REST, OAuth, micro services, AJAX, TDD, CI/CD, GIT, Jenkins, Zookeeper, Elastic Stack, Hadoop, in-memory data grid, messaging, clustering, stream processing, machine learning, analytic, software defined networks, the list goes on and on. 



    云平台建立在可扩展、分布式系统之上,有公有云和私有云等多种部署类型,用于管理百万级以上的实体和软件定义网络设备,以及数量更多的用户设备(手机、笔记本电脑、物联网设备等)。我们一直追寻各种前沿技术,用于更好地创建、部署和管理我们的云平台。敏捷、RESTOAuth、微服务、AJAX、测试驱动、持续集成/持续交付、GITJenkinsZookeeperElastic StackHadoop、内存数据网络、消息系统、集群、流处理、机器学习、大数据分析、软件定义网络,不胜枚举。


    What you will do...

    • Owner of solution level development and unit/integration test
    • Work with PLM, architecture, front-end developer, QA to perform CI/CD
    • In charge of performance turning and improvement
    • Clean up bugs and issues on the way and fix CFDs in time
    • Perform other duties as required


    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science relevant fields required; Master’s preferred.

    • 负责系统级解决方案的开发和单元/集成测试
    • 与产品线经理、架构师、前端工程师与QA一起密切合作,持续集成、持续提交
    • 负责软件系统性能调优和持续改善
    • 及时清理问题和Bug,解决客户发现的问题
    • 承担其他所需职责


    Who you are...

    • (Must) 5+ years of Java software development experience, preferably large production systems
    • Deep understanding of Java open-source framework such as Spring
    • Experienced in SQL, relational database such as PostgreSQL, MySQL; Familiar with non-SQL database like Elastic Search or HBase
    • Experienced in message middleware, such as RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ and so on;
    • Experienced in Java performance tuning, familiar with JProfile or MAT
    • Proficient in written and spoken English
    • Knowledge of cloud (AWS), networking (wired or wireless) are big pluses
    • (必须)3年及以上Java软件开发经验,有大型软件产品开发经验者优先
    • 深入理解流行的Java软件开发框架,如Spring
    • 精通SQL,熟练掌握关系型数据库PostgreSQLMySQL;熟悉非关系型数据如Elastic Search或者HBase
    • 熟练掌握消息中间件, RabbitMQActiveMQ
    • 熟练使用工具(如JProfileMAT等)对软件进行性能调优
    • 具有熟练的英语读写能力,有较强口头表达能力者优先
    • 具有云计算和云平台(如AWS)以及有线或者无线网络从业经验者为最佳
    • 计算机可续或相关领域学士以上学位,硕士优先。

    About the Company

    Aerohive (NYSE: HIVE), a Cloud Networking leader, enables our customers to simply and confidently connect to the information, applications, and insights they need to thrive. Our simple, scalable, and secure platform delivers mobility without limitations. For our customers worldwide, every access point is a starting point. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Milpitas, CA. For more information, please visit www.aerohive.com, call us at 408-510-6100, follow us on Twitter @Aerohive, subscribe to our bloghttp://boundless.aerohive.com/, or become a fan on our Facebook page.


    Aerohive Networks is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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